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Am I nuts? 13,000 pictures!

First trip to Boston! Must say, I was EXCITED!

You read that right! I just transferred over 13,000 pictures from my phone to my computer, PLUS 43 videos! Now I'm thinking I must have a screw loose to have waited so long to do this, as I'm lucky the whole thing didn't crash in process!

It's kinda like opening up packages at Christmas! Surely there's some of you who know what I mean! I became so sidetracked going down memory lane that it took me all evening to get the job done...but now it will be SO much easier to grab the photos I need to get you all acquainted with what Thistle Cottage Interiors and Thistle Cottage 'HOME' is all about!

True to form, I will be all over the place , as my interests run the gamut , from designing for clients, to sewing up 'jiffy gifts' for friends and family! Reading and sewing are my passions, and nothing 'lights my fire' like the smell of sawdust and fresh paint on my design projects!

For now, I am just over the moon having images available to me with a click of a button! After spending pretty much 12 hours trying to get this website up and running, I will call it a day, with hopes that you will check out my Facebook and Instagram pages to whet your appetite for what's to come!

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your patience as I learn the tricks to creating a beautiful and exciting website for us to enjoy!

True to form

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